18 gauge kanthal wire Temco Kanthal A1 Wire 18 Gauge 1 LB (253, Resistance, A-1 GA 13 Practical 18 Gauge Kanthal Wire Ideas

13 Practical 18 Gauge Kanthal Wire Ideas

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Temco Kanthal A1 Wire 18 Gauge 1 LB (253, Resistance, A-1 GA - Thanks dan for the quick reply. The link you provided doesn't include any data on a1. I have visible their furnace handbook however i didn't see something in it regarding temperature vs amperage. In case you'll look at the primary table of this link for nichrome wire and we used your example of 22 amps thru 12 gauge but used nichrome twine, the temperature might be less than 1000f, and the chart indicates that 12 gauge nichrome might require over 30 amps to get hot enough to soften aluminum, or that 15 amps through 24 gauge nichrome might melt it. I'm looking for this sort of records on kanthal a1. Thanks, blaine.

Hello wilson, the corde|wire itself is a resistance corde|wire. It handiest can draw a built-ined|confintegrateded|restrabuilt-ined amount of cuttbuiltintegratedg-edge based totally built-in theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the built-ine|wire's 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 resistance. The handiest way to make greater warmness (or built-ing-edge) is to apply extra voltage and built-ingly|for this reason|as a consequence make greater watts (warmth). Wish this enables, dan.

Thank you a gaggle dan, that's form of what i figured. Could you run each ssr's from the identical connections at the pid with identical switches and thermal cutout? I'll redraw the schematic to permit for the 220vac and send it to you for a sanity check if that would be okay with you. Thank you, -mike.

Hi mike, growing the watts will accelerate the time to temperature. Or one ought to make a smaller oven (smaller indoors dimensions) and decrease loading and speed up the temperature upward thrust. In my ht-2100 construct, i was restricted to the a hundred and twenty v supply. If you are going to use 240 v deliver you can get plenty extra (2400 ) watts into your oven area. Dan.

I'm now not one hundred certain however i'd say it's three/32. Only a heads up it slightly suits inside the doge. It took me forever to get it to sit simply proper. However if you may control, it vapes like a dream. It's a battery hog even though.