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17 Fantastic 3, Switch 14-3 Wire Images

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3, Switch Wiring Diagram Multiple Lights, Online-Shop.Me - I will't thanks enough for supporting me restoration the mess i had between 3-way switches on my staircase. Turns out it became #three, the novel 3way, with some more objects delivered on for confusion. An electrician spent approximately 6 hours with it and couldn't get it to work right. After spending a while mapping out what i had, i subsequently figured out that #three might be the solution, and it worked. Thanks!!!.

I hooked up per craig's diagram and tested the traces with a greenlee gt-11voltage detector. The voltage meter suggests that energy is jogging through the lines but the lighting fixtures do no longer illuminate - what subsequent.

You may update the 14/3wg between the 2 3-manner switches with a 14/4wg cable, and use the fourth conductor to hold the switched-hot back to the 14/2 supply container, where you would join it to the fan light twine.

In a ceiling fan setup, the 14-three's black might be powering the fan and the pink would strength the ceiling fan's light (based on picture below). I'm hesitant to include a photo, due to the fact i could not find your specific setup and add to the confusion. However, the picture underneath is much like your scenario, but they skipped the second 14-2 and simply used the white to feed electricity to the switches...I agree tons more with your setup.

Properly for you! Sure the "radical" 3 way technique is a crazy one. The first time i noticed it i couldn't agree with it works. It's miles a method that no one should use on a brand new mission and one which i published simplest for the reason of assisting a person like you. Happy i should assist.

I am replacing a single 2-way ceiling light with recessed lights, and located what i suppose is a switch loop after i pulled the ceiling light out. The puzzling part (to me) is that the ceiling mild had two 14-2 romex going to it, and one 14-three. All of the diagrams i've appeared up on-line show that there need to be 14-3s. What is going on?.