eliwell thermostat wiring diagram eliwell connection 13 Most Eliwell Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

13 Most Eliwell Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

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Most Eliwell Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions - Three description ecp208 is an electrical panel suitable for refrigerating installations up to two hp, static or ventilated, with electrical or off-cycle defrost. It has a popular thermoregulator incorporated and may supply the manipulate and power important to the maximum crucial components of an installation, which include compressor, evaporator fanatics, defrost heaters and bloodless room light. It is viable to include an alarm relay, a door transfer connection or to pick out doggy down by way of a easy jumper (an output is used for solenoid valve). Different temperature controllers may be located on board: is 974 lx eliwell controller that manages compressor, fanatics, defrost heaters, alarm xr 172 c dixell controller that manages compressor, fanatics, defrost heaters, alarm the version with is 974 lx is ecp208. The model with xr 172 c is ecp208 xr172c. Ecp208 bloodless rooms controller manual - 3 -.

The diagram for the keyboard mounting (electricity deliver 230 vac for the contacts) wiring diagram allarm 6 allarm five allarm four externa manage tool allarm 3 allarm 2 f (230vac) allarm 1 n n (comune) scheda 6 alarm ecp208 cold rooms controller manual - 7 -.

Manufacturer disclaims any responsibility for all damages brought about to human beings,animals or things due to non compliance with technical and protection policies. Pego s.R.L. -Declines any obligation for feasible errors or inaccuracies written on this manual, if because of press or transcription errors. -Reserves the right to modify its very own products with out converting the main characteristics. -Each new launch of pego consumer guide replaces the vintage ones. Ecp208 bloodless rooms controller guide.

5 main capabilities energy supply 230 vac 50/60 hz connection through circuit screwed clamps 2 analogic inputs for probe (ambient and prevent-defrost) (see user s manual of the thermoregulator to realize which probe have to be wired) 1 activate / off 1 bloodless room light transfer (max. 800 watt) 1 relay 30 amp. (Max 2 hp) for compressor control 1 relay 30 amp. Ac1 for defrost heaters manipulate 1 relay sixteen amp. Ac1 for evaporator fans manipulate 1 relay 8 a ac1 for bloodless room light 1 relay eight a ac1 for alarm output 1 virtual inputs (switch door, safety) 1 enter switch door (stop compressor and fans, mild on) 1 enter pressostat (simplest pump down version) 1 output for the control of solenoid valve (best pump down version) box self-extinguish abs safety diploma ip55 dimensions 203x193x79 mm frontal label scratch-resistant polycarbonate working temperature c garage temperature c ambient relative humidity decrease than ninety ecp208 cold rooms controller guide - five -.