how to wire a 220 well pressure switch pressure switch, volts install 11 Cleaver How To Wire A, Well Pressure Switch Collections

11 Cleaver How To Wire A, Well Pressure Switch Collections

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11 Cleaver How To Wire A, Well Pressure Switch Collections - I'm within the process of changing my submersible well pump( single segment, 220v, 4 wires from pump). At my wellhead the electrical connection is as follows i have hot strains one common and a bare ground. My question(s) start here, in some unspecified time in the future it seems that the 220v at nicely head turns to 120v 10-2 cord which is of direction run to my protection close off(30amp breaker) then to my pressure switch each of these simplest having 3 wires a hot a common and a naked ground. According to the diagram at the interior cover of this manipulate box i am going to be quick one cord unless i deploy at the wellhead and i am unsure of the water evidence abilities of the manipulate container so i would truely as an alternative connect this wherein my shut off, stress switch and pressure tank is positioned. Thanks in advance for any help furnished it is going to be substantially liked.

In line with tester101's remark, why are you the usage of a contactor in any respect? What type and size of well pump (submersible, jet pump) and is it presently tough-stressed out or plugged-in? Also, what is the model of the waft transfer you've got? With any luck it's a "pmu" model (pump-up), however additionally they have versions with and without plugs (which is why i ask). All of those will doubtlessly dictate the first-class manner to twine this up.

It looks like the pump is virtually a 220 volt 2 segment with a capacitor begin. So that you have 2 hot wires and the start winding and the floor cord developing from the pump. The fine state of affairs is if the pressure transfer is a 2 pole switch so both levels get deenergized. But, you could cord a single pole pressure transfer consistent with the pump to get it to paintings but in doing so leaves a hot cord linked which is risky. The start winding circuit has a centrifugal transfer in line within the pump which disconnects the begin winding once it receives up to the mark.