livolo 2 way switch wiring LIVOLO IMPULSE SWITCH VLC-701H with Schneider ACTI 9ITL ref: A9C15033, YouTube 16 Nice Livolo 2, Switch Wiring Galleries

16 Nice Livolo 2, Switch Wiring Galleries

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16 Nice Livolo 2, Switch Wiring Galleries - Now with all the tricks in the world and tuning the flyback converter to provide extra cutting-edge this won't help as once more let's no longer forget about we have a sequence circuit here so without outside intervention we can't achieve that(handiest if we smash by some means the legal guidelines of physics or maybe my questioning is constrained :simple_smile: ). In this situation the outside capacitor placed across the mild bulb comes into play to supply enough current to the standby circuit which is our flyback converter over here. I played with that one too and from zero,47uf i got to 4.7uf to have a respectable end result - however this one receives bulky and more expensive from apparent reasons. And permit's now not neglect that the light bulb itself has some effect general because that is the real load that we want to control and there are numerous light bulbs over there with numerous requirements. Extra than that they've their electricity supply embedded which in most of the cases is a(you guessed maybe): a self oscillating flyback converter or comparable. So this one too has inrush currents, transients that are sensed down the road to our dear livolo transfer and influences my custom board balance again :simple_smile: - is not existence lovely? :Simple_smile:.

Yes plainly the gnd pin is shifted by using one role to the right. I can restoration that - thank you for noticing. I will do the test with the opposite channel too. It's sufficient to have one mild bulb and capacitor to cause the opposite channel too.

Exact information absolutely everyone! I managed to set up a check board so as to affirm the new livolo relays/electricity board and with the required changes it really works!!! Because the preceding one did from my antique task. This time simplest 2 modifications are required on the board as opposed to three due to the fact the 12-14v deliver is already linked now to the 2x7 connector. Well in reality the internal relay touch isn't always stressed out like in my diagram but to some more circuits a good way to provide voltage when the transfer is closed - this is just a quick and dirty evaluate of the device.