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14 Popular Ring, Doorbell Wiring Diagram Collections

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Ring, Doorbell Wiring Diagram - Question: what is the seasoned strength package included with my ring video doorbell pro and how do i deploy it in my existing bell?? answer: the seasoned power package covered together with your video doorbell pro is a small.

Hola ! Compre el timbre ring pro y fue muy dificil entender como conectarlo sin tener un timbre pre-existente. Finalmente hice algunas pruebas y aprendi. 1.- Transformador: el timbre funciona con 24v ac 1amp. Por lo tanto, si tienes voltaje de 110v, necesitas un transformador de 110v -> 24v ac 1amp. Si tu voltaje es de 220v, necesitas uno de 220v -> 24v ac 1 amp. Asegurate que el voltaje de salida sea ac (corriente alterna) y no dc (corriente continua). Yo estoy usando un transformador de 220v -> 24v ac 1 amp. , Pero basicamente es un fusible de 1 amper. Esto es muy comun y facil de encontrar en cualquier tienda de electronica. Este fusible debe ir conectado en uno de los cables de salida (24v) del transformador. El fusible se quemara si existe una sobrecorriente evitando que el timbre sufra daño. Eso es todo ! Buena suerte !.

It seems like you want to make certain you use a resistor like this. Your ring may work for some time if you don’t, however you run the hazard of shorting it due to an excessive amount of energy.

The connection immediately to the transformer is not with the seasoned electricity kit (the rectangular unit), you want the pro energy cable ( purple wires on either side of a fuse casing). The seasoned electricity cable is not included in the container; you need to request this via the ring guide/assist line or email. Hope this facilitates.

It does look exactly like the picture within the instructions for connecting to the ‘direct to convert wiring’ photo in the instructions (ie. Fuse casing in among the two crimson wires). This is what i’m going via in the intervening time with ring’s assist crew, that's excellent. Hope this facilitates. So, i'm a little confused on the way to deploy this at once to a transformer. Additionally, can the “strength package” (whenever i parent out how/which it's far) be established inline or does it ought to join directly to the transformer. I have contacted ring directly, however havent gotten a response yet. I am certain they may, but with 3 days off i was hoping to get this all hooked up, so i figured i'd check here and spot if everybody has carried out this.