robertshaw thermostat 9610 wiring diagram Programming Your Robert Shaw Thermostat Robertshaw Thermostat 9610 Wiring Diagram Professional Programming Your Robert Shaw Thermostat Collections

Robertshaw Thermostat 9610 Wiring Diagram Professional Programming Your Robert Shaw Thermostat Collections

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14 Fantastic Robertshaw Thermostat 9610 Wiring Diagram Images - Eleven/27/06 four:38 pm three. Press prog/man button till built-indicator is integrated prog function. Web page 8 et prog/man prog > > guy set prog/man cool-off-heat automobile - on prog guy observe: whilst built-in thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the cool mode, (or warmness and cool for integratedgleunmarried|sbuilt-ingle level heat pump gadgete) as soon as the thermostat turns the machbuiltintegratede off, a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 postpone built-intaintegrateds|contbuilt-inues the compressor from turning on for about 5 integratedutesmintegrateds|mbuilt-inutes. This protects the compressor. No time beyond regulation postpone relay (postpone on rubuiltintegrated|damage|wreck|spoil|destroy|break|smash) is important. Eleven/27/06 4:38 pm web page 3 determine 1 installing item 9610 thermostat note: for brand new installations, mount thermostat on inside wall, four-five toes above the ground. Do now not install in the back of a door, in a nook, near air vents, in direct sunlight, or near any warmness or steam generating furnishings. Installation at these locations will have an effect on thermostat operation. 1. Flip energy off to the heating and cooling systems. 2. Location cool/off/warmth in off role.

11/27/06 4:38 pm ® integrated comfort solutions™ page 1 9610 virtual programmable thermostat e g electric gas 7 day programmable 1 heat / 1 cool person’s guide brief start installation and programming a hundred and ten-655 wa rranty as an strength celebrity partner, maple chase has decided that this thermostat product meets the power megastar manual traces for strength efficiency. Eleven/27/06 four:38 pm page 10 troubleshooting symptom remedy thermostat does no longer switch on device take a look at wiring (see installation) test fuse. Replace with three amp fuse if fuse has opened. Thermostat activates and off too often. Growth temperature differential (see programming). Show is blank, flashing or steady “lo bat.?? update batteries. Device fan does no longer function nicely. Pass fan alternative transfer to both gas or electric, to suit machine. (See installation).

Eleven/27/06 4:38 pm page 5 14. Installation two “aa” energizer brand batteries or equivalent into battery compartment. Make certain to location wonderful ( ) ends of batteries closer to ( ) battery terminals in the battery compartment. The show will display as follows: 15. Replace cowl onto thermostat by means of snapping into region. 16. Turn on electricity to gadget . Test thermostat as defined in the following segment. Programming guide set time of day, day of week, temperature differential, residual cooling 1.