wemo light switch no neutral wire Neutral Light Switch Wiring Free Download Wiring Diagram Schematic 19 Nice Wemo Light Switch No Neutral Wire Galleries

19 Nice Wemo Light Switch No Neutral Wire Galleries

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Wemo Light Switch No Neutral Wire - Black is line in, it's the white that ought to convey impartial. ?that may be reversed while energy goes to the receptical first but the wires want to be marked if so. ?crimson shows there may additionally were an exchange wiring scheme meant sooner or later (regularly a 3-way transfer) . ?the black have to have been well capped rather than certainly taped. ?a person without the right trainging may additionally have completed this wiring so be very cautious with the switch and something it is controlling.

It's far a bit bizarre to have that greater black line, i'd need to ask the electrician if i may want to (typically they had favor to save the cost of walking 14-three twine in which it wasn't wanted).

Cool.? i was considering it a piece extra, and that in reality does appear to be a three way switch on the quit of a run like phil was announcing.? if it's labelled for white, black, and crimson, that could affirm it.? no worries though, the solution continues to be the equal,.

Except there's another cord in that box you probable can not use the wemo there.?  earlier than you come or move it you may strive connecting the impartial cord to ground.? if so, one wemo black to the white twine, the other wemo black to crimson/black, wemo impartial and wemo floor both to ground.? be cautious!? talk over with a certified electrician if viable.

In that case, then you definately might be capable of get the wemo to paintings if it's not a gfi covered circuit by means of: hot to wemo line in (black), load to wemo swwitched out (black), wemo white and green both to floor. ?the current through the white is low (it's best the wemo transfer itself), however word that belkin does now not propose wiring the white to ground.

I'm assuming the white wire is impartial, and the copper twine is the floor twine. But, i have never labored with mild switches earlier than, so i have no idea if i'm doing it right or now not. Since it doesn't match the diagram perfectly i am simply guessing on the entirety.